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So supposing I need to cook 12,490 Swordfish to go from 86-90 Cooking

So supposing I need to cook 12,490 Swordfish to go from 86-90 Cooking, it is going to cost me just 312,250 because 12,490*25 equals that. My 3rd step will be cooking Monkfish out of RS gold 90-94 Cooking. The gap between Cooked Monkfish and Raw Monkfish equals 48gp so cooking 17,322 for 94 Cooking will shed me 831,456gp. My final step is Sharks out of 94-99. They're a 46gp gap so cooking 24,238 will only lose me 1,114,948. Please tell me if I calculated this right.

41 Mage... will be utilizing Fire Bolt so that I should be able to reach around 15ish. Together with the secure place I should be good against the tree soul right? What im bring to fight the tree soul on entrana. So yes this does mean I'll be using Mage AND Range. Thats possible right? And shud I juss purchase inexpensive wizard robes rather than risk my mystic robes?

Today I wanted to create a new Runescape accounts, and that I wanted to have something linked to the phrase"blaze." It got suspicious when I started to bring some, because that didn't work either. Then I simply clicked the phrase"blaze" and then something random like"t32wy4" and that STILL did not work. So perhaps Jagex will not let people have the word"Blaze" in their username, or is it a bug?

I actually just wanted to create a character with a good username. Why does Jagex do this? It's not a cuss word or something, and it does not demonstrate any type of"-ism" (exactly what I mean by"-ism" is things such as: racism, sexism, terrorism... you get it done.) . . .basiclly if there is the word"Blaze" in your username, you can't have it that is dumb. So I had an ultimate game card that I still had with one couple left, so just now I attempted to use it around the exact same account that had it since I still use it occasionally and it says it's already redeemed! WTF? Now I can not get onto the OSRS buy gold forums and ask for assistance with a Jagex Moderator.