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But"fake" inclines?

I believe flooring thing was pointing to an invalid location in memory for Animal Crossing Items graphics data. So whatever happened to be saved in which it pointed is what got displayed. It might flash too, which has been freaky.

It actually looks kinda neat there is some Youtubers who revealed it in their own movies. And since it is contingent on the wallpaper it's kinda neat to look at distinct youtubers showing it off in their various wallpapers.

Like it is one of those bugs that might be rather cool to add in a future upgrade as a feature.

Nice to know the sumo ring thing was a bug, so I thought my save/game data was sold it as I had been worried about further damage if I kept it around.

I frankly expected some huge changes people have been requesting, why else would it capture multiple awards right. . ?

Because Reddit is offering a bunch of them free of charge to make people think more people are paying for them to promote more people to pay for them.

It is not totally free coinsat least from what I have seen. For the past few days I have gotten one daily arbitrary award for free to give to some post (as an incentive to buy coins I suppose).

Yeah I arrived here hoping some shadow-dropped big update, given the awards along with thousands of upvotes. I just feel sort of disappointed lol

If this game has taught me anything, it is the Animal Crossing community is very proud about acquiring any kind of attention.

Could we have an option please to build more bridges and slopes. I don't understand why I can construct waterfalls wherever I want however, not with inclines. You're limited to 8. Just 8.

But"fake" inclines? Nah. Would be fine if we could get at least some half-height hoppity-hop measures or something. .

I have 2 slopes left but 4 places in your mind and that Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket I can not decide. . So I guess it'll just be like that forever and carry a ladder everywhere
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